Afiq Ruslan born in the 90's , he is a self taught ring maker based in Malaysia.Using only tool that he had a jigsaw, sandpapers and massive amount of time, Afiq made his first ever ring out of broken skateboard.

Afiq Ruslan Creations was founded in 2016, when he decided to turn his hobby into business.In early 2017, he begun to niche down his ring creations by only using high quality uncommon materials such as carbon fiber, ultra lume glow, resin,etc.

Each of his ring is handcrafted by him alone at its finest. At the same time, he also working on other projects and collaboration with other artists, makers and brand.

By developing a deep passion and craftmanship into his work, he believes that his creations is more than just a ring, it's a wearable piece of art.