• Image of Heimdall
  • Image of Heimdall
  • Image of Heimdall
  • Image of Heimdall

Inspired from the norse mythology and marvel, Heimdall the guardian of asgard. Heimdall inspired ring is handcrafted with a mix of 2 materials, the high quality golden brass carbon fiber and solid luxury grade carbon fiber plate.

The liner and the offset of Heimdall ring is the side-cut of the solid carbon fiber.
And the shell of Heimdall is the golden brass carbon fiber.
Heimdall ring width is 9mm, the appearance of the ring is a really unique, each side has a different shape of finishing.
One side is a flat finish and the other side is round finish.
This ring light weight, very strong/durable and hypoallergenic which makes a great choice for who is sensitive to certain type of metal

It is a limited edition design and will be only make upon order.


All our rings are handmade.

2 weeks in production after order been place.

Shipped worldwide

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